Exhibition Park, also known as Lethbridge & District Exhibition, the fourth oldest Agriculture Society in Alberta. Since the first fair in 1897, it has hosted more than a century of agriculture, trade shows, midways, rodeos, sporting events, and numerous special events. Exhibition Park is governed by a Board of Directors representing members of the community. This year the Board President is Bev Lanz.

2021 Board of Directors:

  • Bev Lanz – President
  • Ryan Miller – 1st Vice President
  • Russ Zemp – 2nd Vice President
  • Bruce Galts – Past President
  • Cathy Maxwell
  • Rick Neudorf
  • Henry Doeve
  • Heath Wright
  • Mark Sayers
  • Don Strankman
  • Steve Campbell will continue to represent the County of Lethbridge.
Exhibition Park

Lethbridge & District Development Project

Mission Statement

We are the premiere destination for bringing people together from all over the world.  We accelerate economic opportunity through the delivery of memorable experiences.

Vision Statement

Exhibition Park is to become the prime location in Southern Alberta to host:

    • Agricultural Events
    • Trade Shows
    • Special Events

It is envisioned that these events could be staged by Exhibition Park or by other organizations utilizing Exhibition Park facilities. As an agricultural society we are mandated to encourage improvement of agriculture and quality of life of persons living in an agricultural community.

As such, Exhibition Park has identified its basic values as:

  • Agriculture
  • Education facilitation
  • Proud & efficient staff and volunteers
  • Modern, attractive, multi-use facilities
  • Community contributions
  • Financial responsibility
  • Customer satisfaction