Corporate Shareholder Application

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Lifetime Fee: $25.00 CASH CREDIT DEBIT 

1. Does your organization agree to support the aims and objectives of the Lethbridge & District Exhibition and abide by its Articles of Association?

 yes no

2. Briefly describe your organization’s business / activities and why your organization / business is interested in becoming a corporate shareholder of the Lethbridge & District Exhibition.

3. Briefly describe how your organization can assist the Lethbridge & District Exhibition in the furtherance of its goals and objectives.

4. If your organization currently has a relationship with the Lethbridge & District Exhibition, please briefly describe this relationship.

5. Please provide the names and signatures of two current shareholders who will act as your references:

A) B) C) D)

6. Can we call you to volunteer at Exhibition Park?

 Yes No

  • I am at least 18 years of age and the signing officer of the corporation.

  • I have read and understand the attached “Role of a Shareholder” criteria as attached to this application and the aims & objectives of the organization, and agree to abide by them
  • Please note: In order to be eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting, new Shareholder Applications must be received by the close of business on or before October 31st each year.

Dated this day of , 20 .

Signing Officer on Behalf of Corporation



  • The Corporate applicant is registered in Alberta.
  • The Corporate applicant possess a demonstrated interest in the goals & objectives of the Lethbridge & District Exhibition
  • The Corporate applicant possesses a demonstrated record of volunteer service in the Lethbridge & District Exhibition or some other community organization and / or has a record of service in an organization (i.e., breed organization, educational institution, government, trade union, Board of Trade, etc.)
  • The Corporate applicant possesses general qualities sufficient to enable the organization to be an ambassador for the Lethbridge & District Exhibition.
  • The Corporate applicant possesses particular qualities or skills as identified by the directors of the Lethbridge & District Exhibition from time to time.
  • The Corporate applicant is willing to keep abreast of current issues related to the Lethbridge & District Exhibition and its activities.
  • The Corporate applicant is willing to communicate the Lethbridge & District Exhibition’s broad goals to the community and share the community’s views and objectives with the officers and / or directors of the Lethbridge & District Exhibition.
  • As a corporate shareholder it agrees to have its corporate named nominee attend and participate in the Annual General Meetings and Other Shareholder Meetings of the Lethbridge & District Exhibition (in person or by proxy).
  • As a corporate shareholder the corporate applicant undertakes to ensure that the Lethbridge & District Exhibition has its current contact information as well as providing the Lethbridge & District Exhibition with a copy of the corporate resolution of the board of directors appointing a named nominee to act on their behalf at any general meeting of the shareholders.

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