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Whoop-Up Days Community Activities / August 21 – 25, 2018

Deadline: July 15, 2018 @ 4:30 pm. Visit exhibitionpark,ca to get your activities posted for no charge.

Community Events

Whoop-Up Days Business Decorating Contest

Exhibition Park invites all Lethbridge businesses to join in the fun and excitement of Whoop-Up Days August 21-25, 2018 with our Community Spirit decorating contest.

To enter the Whoop-Up Days Decorating contest, complete the submission form at and return it to Exhibition Park no later than Friday July 28.

All entries receive 6 WUDs gate passes, winners in each category receive an additional 10 WUDs passes.

If you have any questions, please call Lisa Ludwig at Exhibition Park at 403-328-4491.

Decorating Contest


Rotary in Lethbridge is a proud record of fun, fellowship and fundraising, and of people support and development. It’s sharing and caring and making positive differences in our community through the years and in the lives of those around us by a Club who believes in putting SERVICE ABOVE SELF.


The Sheepdogs – Tue, Aug 21 8:30pm – Pioneer Park Gas King Stage

Trends come and go, styles fall in and out of fashion, but The Sheepdogs remain steadfast in their commitment to rock n’ roll excellence. Since their inception, the band has always sought to play the kind of music they themselves love: “Pure, simple, good-time music,” as singer/guitarist Ewan Currie puts it. It’s no surprise, then, that the band’s fifth LP, Future Nostalgia, is firmly rooted in the rock tradition that listeners have come to expect from the boys.

The idea was simple: find a nice, quiet, secluded place and make a record packed with all the hot guitar licks and sing-along choruses they could muster. So the band holed up in a rented house in the remote, idyllic setting of Stony Lake, Ontario, and set about creating a studio where they could work all hours of the day. “We wanted to cut out all the noise and get back to a place where we could just fully immerse ourselves in music,” says Currie, who took on production duties for the album. “We worked hard, but we also made sure to keep it loose and have ourselves a good time.”

Joey Landreth – Tue, Aug 21 7:00pm – Pioneer Park Gas King Stage

Born and raised on the Canadian prairies, Joey Landreth has grown up with a guitar in his hands. Working as a side man through his teens and early twenties Joey grew up on the road, playing music across genres from gospel to country. At twenty-five Joey joined forces with his older brother as they worked on their first independent project The Bros. Landreth. The band was immediately successful, winning a JUNO with their first album, among other awards across multiple genres.


The Road Hammers – Wed, Aug 22 8:00pm – Pioneer Park Gas King Stage

The highest selling Canadian country band in history, The Road Hammers, are back with a new record, The Squeeze, a compilation of tracks that epitomizes what the band has become known for – a truly synergistic blend of classic rock meets country.

Scheduled for release on May 12, The Squeeze is a unique set of foot-stomping tracks one can’t help but dance to, evocative of the south. From the heart-warming sentiment behind the lead single, “Crazy About You”, which is about continuing to fall in love with long time partners as the years go on, inspired by McCoy’s own marriage, to “Your Love is a Drug”, a down-home, upbeat track with southern flare, and “The Squeeze”, an uptempo song co-written with Nashville writer Andrew Petroff and Chris Bryne about ensuring love is good to the last drop – it’s clear that passion for music and love are central themes to the album. Traditional fans will find original wide open road themes reflected in tracks such as “Easy Rider” and “Haulin’ Ass’.


PRISM – Thu, Aug 24 8:00pm – Pioneer Park Gas King Stage

NASA chose Prism’s “Spaceship Superstar” as the official song aboard Space Shuttle Discovery during its historic final flight, which speaks to Prism’s ongoing popularity, even in outer space! Meanwhile, back on earth:

They’ve sold millions of albums, with songs that have become radio standards – Spaceship Superstar,

Take Me to the Kaptin, Flying, Armageddon, Take Me Away, Young & Restless, Night to Remember,

Don’t Let Him Know among them. Prism itself is classic rock.

With two Juno Awards (Canada’s Grammy) for Album & Group of the Year, multi-platinum albums and a continuing legacy of sold-out shows, Prism is a must-see live attraction. The band rocks out the hits more energetically than ever, thrilling audiences nationwide.

Founding member Al Harlow’s showmanship drives Prism forward with award-winning alumni Gary Grace, Tad Goddard and Marc Gladstone’s brilliant performances of the trademark Prism sound.

Every day across the country, radio is playing the many Prism classics. Combine unstoppable world-class concerts, and the best may be yet to come.

Slide10Slide11Bucking & Barrels Pro CAN AM Challenge – Opening Night!

Don’t miss night ones action of Bucking & Barrels in the Exhibition Park Grandstand.16 pro Canadians face off against 16 pro Americans 4vs4 in each event.


Harlequin – Fri, Aug 25 8:00pm – Pioneer Park Gas King Stage

Harlequin was originally formed in the mid-seventies. After several demos and trips to Toronto, Harlequin was finally discovered playing in a tiny bar in Toronto by representatives of Jack Douglas, legendary producer of Aerosmith, Patti Smith and John Lennon. Ironically, the scouts for Douglas’ company had actually intended to see Goddo, the band playing downstairs, but were turned away due to a sold old show. Instead they retired upstairs to a much smaller bar – only to be blown away by the band, playing a high-energy set of strong original songs for only a handful of people. This chance meeting led to a production deal with Douglas.

With Douglas’ help, Harlequin signed a deal with CBS/Epic (home to Cheap Trick and Eddie Money) in 1979. The band proceeded to amaze everyone at the label by pushing the first release Victim of a Song (1979) to gold status through sheer hard work, incessant touring, word of mouth and solid song-writing. Songs like “Sweet Things In Life”, “You Are The Light” and “Survive” introduced the band to radio in many markets in Canada – especially Western Canada.

The second release, Love Crimes (1980), came with a bigger push from the label, and went on to go Platinum, powered in part by Harlequin’s biggest hit to date “Innocence”. Another track, “Thinking Of You”, became a staple of rock radio and a highlight of the live show.


Lee Aaron – Sat, Aug 25 8:30pm – Pioneer Park Gas King Stage

To sum up Lee Aaron’s career in one paragraph is near impossible. This legendary rock diva started out singing jazz and Broadway standards in musical theatre in the Toronto suburbs, hanging out in music class after school, practicing and picking the brains of her instructors. By 15 she had formed a rock band, singing, playing keyboards and sax, and began playing all-ages shows.

While still in her teens, she wrote and recorded her debut, 1982’s The Lee Aaron Project. Featuring some of Canada’s most notable talent at the time (Triumph/Moxy) the LP was released on Polygram in Europe and garnered a feature in Britain’s Kerrang! magazine. That was followed with an appearance at 1983’s Reading Festival, where she blew away fans and critics alike with her powerhouse vocals and vibrant stage energy.

In 1984 she released Metal Queen. The album’s title track, a hard driving anthem about female empowerment, catapulted Aaron to iconic status in the rock world.

Helix – Sat, Aug 25 7:00pm – Pioneer Park Gas King Stage

2010 sees the release of Helix’s 14th studio CD entitled “Vagabond Bones” featuring the re-united original 80’s line-up of Greg “Fritz” Hinz, Brent “The Doctor” Doerner, Daryl Gray, and Brian Vollmer, along with newcomer shredder Kaleb Duck. The CD contains nine previously unreleased studio tracks, one of which features a duet between Brian and Russ Graham of The Killer Dwarfs on the song “Hung Over But Still Hanging In.”


Bucking & Barrels Pro CAN AM Challenge – FINALS!

Winner takes all the prize money in each event and cumulative totals are added crowning the 2018 Bucking & Barrels champions!


Pioneer Interactive Experience

Take an entertaining trip back in time, to the storybook old west. Visit the old homestead where kids can help out on the farm with many nostalgic, fun activities.

Stage show – A new, old-fashioned comic musical with dozens of zany characters, puppets, critters, outlaws, pirates, magic, dancing, and YOU can be a star.


Bubble Station

Make the biggest, baddest bubbles you’ve ever made in your life. Explore how to make bubble chains, how to blow a bubble WITHIN another bubble, and lots more!


The Sandman

This comedy stage hypnosis show uses 12 volunteers and lasts 60 to 90 minutes. Only each volunteers’ individual imagination limits their experience. At the same time, audiences are left feeling educated, entertained, and enlightened.


TWO dragons that will be bouncing around the site grounds. These playful characters will be causing mischief along the way, making smiles, and posing for pictures. Come check out our dancers as they twirl, flip, and spin fire in unique and unimaginable ways. Dangerous stunts, hilarious jokes, and comedy acts, we’ve got something for everyone!


The Flying Trapeze Team. Be ready for this professional, thrilling and memorable live experience. Trapeze Team is very proud to bring a world class show to Whoop-Up Days Family festival!


Entertainment information subject to change. Please stay tuned for full event details.

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