Safety City


The Safety City program is under evaluation and has been suspended until the New Year. Stay tuned!

The Safety City Society of Lethbridge and Area was a non-profit organization that has been delivering personal safety programs to elementary aged students since 1995. The goal and mission is to reduce the number and severity of injuries sustained by children in our area through the continued development and delivery of personal safety education programs.

Recognizing the value and importance of their programming to the District, the City and public in general, and based on an agreement of understanding, on January 1st, 2013 Exhibition Park incorporated the Safety City programming into the events of Exhibition Park.


Pedestrian Safety, Bike Safety, Stranger Danger,  Street Proofing, Helmets and Protective Gear,  Internet Safety, Bullying/Cyber Bullying, School Bus Safety & Germ Safety

New Programming: Farm Safety.

To continue to grow the Safety City programming to rural and City schools, Exhibition Park welcomes your feedback and participation with ideas and programming for our youth’s safety.


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