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Exhibition Park

Exhibition Park is proud to present “The Wedding Package”.  With the assistance from our Event Coordinators and a computerized map layout of the floor plan, we will set up your ceremony and / or reception. Exhibition Park staff takes pride in providing exceptional service and are on-site during your event for your assistance.

Exclusive Catering is available with your selection from our fine menu through Exhibition Park Food Services.

Thank you for considering Exhibition Park for your Special Day.


Welcome to Exhibition Park which is situated across from the Henderson Lake Park and the Japanese Gardens where numerous outdoor Weddings take place.  Exhibition Park also offers our Pioneer Park for your outdoor Wedding.  We have many hotels and motels in the area that can accommodate your stay.

Exhibition Park


Exhibition Park Catering will look after your banquet and beverage needs and is flexible in catering options to allow you to develop a menu that meets your requirements.

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For the perfect small wedding we recommend our Saddle Room. Saddle Room holds a capacity of 90 people.

For the larger wedding, we suggest our Rustic Heritage Hall with a beautiful cedar balcony which holds up to 175 people on the bottom level or 300 people on both levels.

The West and Main Pavilions can comfortably hold up to 500 people.


Wedding Venue Exhibition Park Lethbridge1

A Deposit of $500 is required at the time of booking. Weddings are required to be paid in full 1 month prior.  Exhibition Park prices are subject to change at any time if a contract is not signed.

50% deposit on food and beverage required and locked in 6 months prior to lock in pricing of food and beverage

The following terms apply to cancellations. If a cancellation occurs within 6 months of the event, no refund will be given.   If a cancellation occurs within 1 year of the event prior to 6 months, 50% of the deposit will be refunded.

Final specifications concerning the lay-out of the facility will be established 7 days prior to the event.  Exhibition Park reserves the right to refuse or terminate the service of alcoholic beverages at any time if the service is not in accordance with the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Association.

With your rental our Wedding Package includes:Exhibition Park

  • Event Coordinator
  • Available on-site catering, concession and beverage services
  • On-site Exhibition Park staff
  • Flexible hours
  • Large parking area

No event is too large or too small to be held in our facilities with more than 125,000 sq. feet of rental facilities.

Facility Rooms Size (sq. ft..) Dimensions Recommended Usage & Capacity
Pavilion Main 28,910 444′ x 86.3′ Conventions, Seminars, Tradeshows, Banquets, Large Weddings, Indoor Vehicle and RV Sales, Furniture Sales, Cabarets, Craft Shows.
West 17,057 199′ x 88.5′ Tradeshows, Banquets, Larger Weddings, Seminars, Sports Events.
North 34,500 200.6′ x 181′ Tradeshows, Agricultural Events, Cabarets, Indoor Vehicle and RV Sales, Sports Events, Conference, Seminars, Ultimate Fighting Events.
South 31,712 217’11” x 181′ (Seed Floor 104′ ) Tradeshows, Agricultural Shows, Banquets, Conventions, Indoor Vehicle and RV Sales, Sports Events, Kick Boxing Events, Bridal Shows.
Saddle Room 2,608 59’10” x 47’5″ Meetings, Weddings, Seminars (up to 150), Dinners (up to 90), Christmas and Birthday Parties.
Pioneer Park Picnics, Outdoor BBQs, Family reunions, Staff parties (up to 400), Weddings.
Heritage Hall Main Flr – 6,533Balcony – 3402 190′ x 43′ Meetings, Tradeshows, Banquets, Weddings, Craft Shows (up to 400), Banquet with Dance (up to 350), Theatre seating (up to 400).


  • There is 2600 square feet of banquet facility with an adjustable dance floor, P/A system, cordless mic an podium.
  • The package includes all tables, chairs, drape and skirts.
  • Seating with dance floor max 80 people
Exhibition Park
Exhibition Park



    • There are 6,533 square feet on the main floor and 3,402 square feet on the balcony level of banquet facility with a seating capacity of 180 comfortably on the main and 120 people seating on the balcony.
    • The package includes a P/A system, cordless mic and podium all tables and chairs on main floor, set amount of drape and skirts.
Wedding Venue Exhibition Park Lethbridge2
Exhibition Park


  • 28,910 square feet of air conditioned banquet facility (17,311 square feet for the large side of the main pavilion).
  • The package includes a limited amount of tables and chairs, drape and skirts, P/A, mic and podium.
  • Seating with dance floor accommodates approx. 450 people.

Exhibition Park Wedding Lethbridge


  • 17,057 square feet of banquet facility
  • We supply Seating with space for dance floor which can accommodate approx. 500 people. The package includes a limited amount of tables and chairs, drape and skirts, Large P/A, Mic and podium.
    West Pavilion Floor Layout Exhibition Park Lethbridge1
    West Pavilion Floor Layout Exhibition Park Lethbridge



  • Pioneer Park for your next function will be a relaxing, recreational experience that you will not regret.
  • A beautiful grassed large area with a Gazebo, optional BBQ, bathrooms, picnic tables.
  • Occupancy is any where from 500 to 2000 people.
    Exhibition Park


The renter agrees to abide by and conform to all Policies and Operational Procedures. It is Exhibition Park’s right to control the management of the facility. Any matters not expressly provided for in this agreement will be decided and dealt with at the sole discretion of Exhibition Park. These rules and regulations accompany the terms set out in the license agreement.


• All advertising related to the event should use the name “Lethbridge Exhibition Park”. Please do not refer to us, in your advertising, by any other name.
• Building names are as follows: “Heritage Hall”, “Main Pavilion”, “South Pavilion”, “North Pavilion”, “West Pavilion”, “Saddle Room” and “Pioneer Park”.


If the renter is selling products or services, and does not have a City of Lethbridge Business License, then it is the responsibility of the renter to contact the City of Lethbridge to purchase the required license.
For information contact the City of Lethbridge Regulatory Services 403-320-3074.


• Signage or advertising displayed at Exhibition Park, whether indoors or out doors, cannot be removed or covered.
• Exhibition Park only sponsors events which fit within their guidelines.


• A 50% rental deposit of the total expected bill is required at the time of booking. Rental amounts less than $1500.00 are payable in full at time of booking the event. New tradeshows and weddings are required to be paid in full 2 weeks prior to the event.
• The following terms apply to cancellations. If a cancellation occurs within 6 months of event no refund will be given… If a cancellation occurs within 1 year of event prior to 6 months 50% of the deposit will be refunded… final specifications concerning the lay-out of the facility will be established 7 days prior to event. Revision costs to the event will apply in event of changes that occur during the last 7 days prior to event
• Where appropriate a guaranteed number is required 1 week prior to the function (food/liquor service).
• Cheques should be made out to the “Lethbridge & District Exhibition”.
• Exhibition Park may choose to sell tickets for your event. Any monies received from the ticket sales will first be applied to the rental bill.


• The renter shall assume all liability relating to the event and agrees to hold Exhibition Park harmless from any and all claims.
• The renter shall maintain ample public liability (one million dollars) and property damage insurance and provide proof of such to Exhibition Park. Hold Harmless Document signed 30 days prior to event. You are responsible for any loss or damages incurred during your event and will be invoiced at that time.


• Exhibition Park has first right of refusal for equipment and services required.
• Exhibition Park’s exclusive contract holder for A/V equipment is through Db Audio Darrel: 403 315-1833. In the case of the A/V equipment contract holder giving up his 1st right or refusal on an event, any sound and light Production Company on grounds to do A/V service is applicable to paying the current commission on the total amount invoiced to Exhibition Park.
• Exhibition Park requires 30 days notice to fill telephone & data line requirements.
• The Chief Fire Marshall will be consulted over floor plans of large events. The renter must abide by the facility occupancy loads.
• Larger events require that the renter participate in a walk-about with Exhibition Park Operations staff prior to event.
• A renter will not distribute signs, show-bills, cards and windshield flyers of any description outside rented buildings or on grounds.
• Over-night campers need prior approval in order to stay on the grounds. Dumping stations and hook-ups are not available.
• Exhibition Park will make the sole and final determination on who can rent the facilities and for which period of time. Although we try to protect similar events for two weeks on either side, we make no guarantee of this. In addition renters should be aware of the fact that other events occurring on grounds may not be complimentary to their own. Please ask us for a listing of current events.


• Exhibition Park’s exclusive contract holder for food & beverage services is Exhibition Park Catering. No outside catering permitted.
• Exhibition Park has entered into an exclusive contract with Molson’s Breweries and Pepsi. As a result, clients are only allowed to serve beer products or soft drink products produced by these companies. This does not preclude clients from serving hard liquor, coolers, or the like at their event. Homemade wine is not permitted due to health regulations. In the case of the catering contract holder giving up his 1st right or refusal on an event, any caterer coming on grounds to do any food or beverage service is applicable to paying the current commission on the total amount invoiced to Exhibition Park.


• Section #38 of the Public Health Act Food Regulation will be adhered to. Animals are prohibited in establishments where food is prepared, stored or offered for sale, this does not apply to a guide dog used by a person who is hearing or seeing impaired.


• Policy of the Lethbridge Fire Prevention Bureau governing displays and exhibits under the Alberta Fire Code will be adhered to.
• No portion of the sidewalks, entries, passages, halls, elevators, mezzanine, or stairways of the facilities shall be obstructed by an exhibitor or renter at anytime.
• Assisting with booth lay-outs and placement of equipment is the responsibility of Exhibition Park and will be done with the assistance of Exhibition Park to ensure the safety of the public.
• Fire Lanes must remain clear at all times – No Parking within 30 feet from all buildings.
• No parking in tow away zones or designated areas clearly marked – vehicles will be towed away at the owner’s expense.
• In case of fire or fire alarm activation, please remain calm and vacate the building through the nearest exit. The Exhibition Park Fire Safety Plan will be put into place.
• Propane cylinders are not allowed to be used within the building. Smoking is not allowed in Exhibition Park Facilities. No open flames candles are allowed with the exception of the Caterers Angle lights.


• White or black linen table cloths are included for the Breakfast Buffet, Lunch Buffet and Dinner Buffet. Linen napkins are included for Dinner Buffet.
• Additional charges will apply for special order linens or for linen requests other than those listed above.
• Our Chef and Coordinator will be happy to assist you in creating your own menu should the attached selections not meet your particular needs. We will be pleased to further assist you with related catering and entertainment arrangements.
• Menu and wine selections should be submitted to our catering department as soon as possible after confirmation of booking. Final details should be confirmed three weeks in advance.
• Our Coordinator will contact you 7 days prior to your function to confirm the
“Guaranteed” number of guests attending. Applicable food and beverage charges will be based on the guaranteed number or actual number served, whichever is greater.
• Due to provincial health regulations, all leftovers will remain the property of Exhibition Park and Exhibition Food Services will be the sole supplier of food, with the exception of wedding cakes.
• We will be pleased to cut and serve your wedding cake at no extra charge.
• All functions, entertainment and bar service must end by 1 am and the room vacated by 2 am.
• All bookings are considered tentative until the deposit is received and the signed function contract has been returned.
• Catering prices quoted are current and valid for a period of ninety days. Prices can be guaranteed with 50% catering payment up to 6 months in advance of the function. Prices do not include gratuity or applicable taxes.
• All food & beverage prices are subject to a 15% gratuity charge
• For host bars with no charge and bars with a “honeymoon” or “fundraiser” tip jar located on the bar a flat bartender gratuity charge of $200 will apply. If no tipping is requested for the event a $400 bartender charge will apply.